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High quality free online courses for Data Analysis for phd students

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If you are doing PhD or working in research projects, you must learn and practice data analysis to bring the thesis or projects results.

Depending on the types of research (qualitative or quantitative), writing article specially in the analysis part is not that easy for the beginners. As a potential PhD student, Doctor of Philosophy is being considered the highest degree a student can receive in life. You have to undergo in writing thesis which is not an easy task. Doing the statistical analysis part of your article, thesis or dissertation is more difficulty

Therefore, every student should learn the essential tools for data analysis. There are most widely used programs for data analysis




-R programming


 You do not need to learn all the programs. It depends on your research areas and types of research. Be specific at the very beginning and master one tool like an expert.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind before beginning because each piece of software or program has different goals and scopes.

It is always preferable to practice until you are flawless rather than merely reading about something. For those who are serious about learning, there are also lots of offline courses accessible to teach them data analysis. Many of them are paid courses.

Free online courses for PhD students

But in this article, We have collected some important and popular courses offered by renowned professors and universities which are free. Get them all here-

  1. Statistics and R by Harvard University( An introduction to basic statistical concepts and R programming skills necessary for analysing data in the life sciences)
  2. Data Science: Probability
  3. Linear Regression
  4. Inference and Modelling
  5. Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel
  6. Advanced Statistics for Data Science Specialization

 All you need to choose ‘Audit the course’ on Coursera, which is free for all the learning videos and materials.

Every courses have specific opening and closing deadline. Please go through the links and see the details. Scholarship Podcast aims to help all practitioners by providing data and information.

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